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无论在美国生活, 留学或旅游, 远在中囯的父母, 无时无刻挂念着在美国生活,留学的孩子. 当生病时,有一位能讲同一语言, 细心沟通的医生很重要. 华人在美医生数据库将为你提供这样的信息.(手机版点医生头像,将显示更多资料)

Tracking Coivd-19 in the US. Click Here

Defeat Covid-19 through Education

Fail in Covid-19 is the results of arrogance and bias against sciences. You can help correcting it and saving America. Our kids are waiting for returning to school. Our Moms and Dads are struggling to keep children safe and their jobs. Our grandparents are struggling to be well.

For the sake of your loved ones and the country, please join us to defeat Covid-19. If we pull together we can do it. Yes, we can!

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